Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Oh dear, oh dear, oh how I have missed blogging.  However, I have been missing in action for a good reason - Motherhood.  Never had I dreamt it could be so demanding :) At now 9 mths, this little one keeps me on my toes.  Since we last spoke, he has been officially weaned *grin*, still not sleeping thru' the night, eating me out of house and home and pulling down everything in sight.

While not yet walking, he is marathon crawling and furniture surfing (where he crawls from one furniture to another then walks while holding onto the furniture).  I have had to move the television because my mini Hercules decided that the stand is perfect for pulling himself up, as well as taking the connection from DVD to TV as a chew toy *scratching my head*.  He's emptying my handbag (made me leave my ID two days in a row)and anything laying careless (in his mind)is fair game.  He has also developed the art of manipulation and tantrum.  He whines and pouts to get what he wants (works with the nanny) and when he doesn't he throws a tantrum (he's not even close to the terrible 2's as yet) *I shudder*.  I am working to get him out of that habit from now.  On the upside he's waving bye bye and definitely saying mommy and seeming to understand that I am mommy :) and he is very interactive and personable.

I will admit that I use the TV as a sitter whenever I have things that NEED to be done and HE needs to be kept occupied.  I have found several very good, baby/children friendly channels - Baby First TV, PBS, Treehouse.  He likes them all but is absolutely enamoured with Baby First TV.  I think it is good that TV has such wholesome, developmental programming for babies and toddlers.

I am totally in love with my life at this moment.  I have a busy 9-5, sleepless nights, everyday comings and goings and an active and healthy baby - I am juggling them all but the most important one will not fall. I promise to make more regular posts.  Until the next time, I'm going back to being, busy being a fabulous mom ;)