Sunday, 26 August 2012

On-time vs. Baby-time

For those who know me, I can be a bit persnickety.  Not in all areas, but I do tend to be a bit 'Monk'-ish.  One of my major pet-peeve was being late.  I've found that some persons have no regard for others and their time and honestly it pisses me off.  Fast-forward 11 months after childbirth.  How is my timing/scheduling going?  As anyone or most people with children, in particular young babies will tell you, getting ready to go anywhere is now a big-time chore.  My more experienced friends have driven the fear of God in me.  I have been told that it only gets worst and will eventually become a full-blown production.  (Thanks guys for allaying my fears).

Let me say, I can no longer spontaneously get ready to go somewhere and be happy and relaxed when I get there.   Nooooo.  All trips and I repeat ALL trips need to be pre-scheduled.  This includes knowing from this week, that I will be attending church next week.  I know you may find this amusing and to some extent, it is.  But, for all intents and purposes I am sooo serious.  I need to know in advance where the event is taking place and the time it will begin.  These are imperative to prep time and designated route.  Also, I will have to pre-arrange attire and back-up attires for the occasion.  Next, you have to remember big things like feed, diapers, wipes, medication and the list goes on.  Then the little things that can mean the difference between life and death eg: pacifier, toys to occupy.  All pre-packed and ticked off my to-do list (I know, I know, 'Monk'-ish).  

Let us assume that these things are all in place (laugh).  Rest assured this is the morning your baby will want to sleep late, be extra fussy getting ready, throw up on your outfit (usually have back-up outfit for baby,  not so much yourself).  After all this the car tyre may be flat, the battery has died (true story).  What do you do?  I find that going back to bed helps.

So where does all this leave me?  Consistently running late, especially since I have to obey the speed limit when driving with him on board.  Changing my work time from 8-4 to 9-5 yet still leaving late every morning and then driving like  fiend to get there on-time.  (I apologise to the people I have inadvertently cut-off, cussed-out and overtaken to get to work on-time).  The result, most often than not I am a frazzled mess, needing several minutes to function properly.  

While making a conscious effort to accept the things I cannot change, I am yet to accept that I will never be early again.  Instead I continue to try my best to be on-time (early may be pushing it at this stage).

Peace and love all. Xoxo.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Diaper Doodie (Ooops) Duty

Am I alone or does a baby seem to be an endless poop factory?  Uuuuuugh.  Dang!  So you may be thinking to yourself, "How old is her child?"  Answer: 11 months.  You may then ask "Why isn't she over this by now?"  Answer:  I have not a darn clue.  Fact is, I asked myself those same questions a few days ago, hence this blog.  As a mother of an 11 month old I have no idea why the thought of a dirty diaper still fills me with dread and make me gag (not only dads feel this way).  When changing a dirty diaper I'm like an Indy 500 driver making a pit stop.  I go in, get the job done and is out of there faster than a speeding bullet.

All this has led me to consider potty training him.  I already know pretty much when he wants to poop.  However, as I sit here, I'm weighing the pros and the cons.  Pro (potty training) - there will be no smelly diaper pail to be emptied ever so often.  Con - I still have to clean him and now clean a messy potty (OMG!!! I feel a gag coming on).  Pro (diapers) - after cleaning baby, everything else gets tossed (no after cleaning of equipment).  Con - smelly diapers stinking up the place.  Where do these options lead me? Hmmmn .... getting my baby genius to clean himself and flush the the toilet or getting a potty that can flush (*slap* wake up girlie and smell the coffee, oops I mean potty).

I read a tweet from Discovery-Health that babies cab be taught sign language very early and let you know when they wanna go potty.  While this should be most helpful with potty training, I'm still not sure when to start.  Do I start now and still have to clean him and potty too?  Or do I wait until he can use a toilet?  Aah the decisions moms must make. 

Oh well ... smell ya' later :) xoxo

Thursday, 23 August 2012


Let me start by saying a stay at home vacation with a 10/11 month old is absolutely no vacation.  After week one of my two weeks, I feel like a complete wreck, more in need of a vacation than anything.  My only saving grace is not having to leave home for any early appointments.  Although I have long since perished the thought of sleeping in.  My child is unaware of that concept (tired smile).  He's up and at 'em by 6am in the morn (Lord, please let him remain this way when he starts school and thru' his teenage years. Amen).

OK, I'm supposedly on two weeks vacay, as such, I gave the nanny week 1 off for herself.  Can I tell you, after day 1 I've been wondering how she does it.  This lil' one knows no down-time.  He seems to be of the mindset "go hard or go home" completely oblivious to the fact he's already at home.  Gone are the days when you put him at one spot in the crib and he remains there quietly until I come to get him when I'm finished with a chore.  Noooooo. Now he screams on the top of his lungs as if he's incarcerated against his will or he shakes his poor crib to a wreck.  There are few quiet moments in that crib unless he is sleeping. Not wanting to keep him locked up, I set him free; where he instantly tries to climb all the grilles in the house or shake down everything.  I swear the dining room chairs have developed a complex from his manhandling.  I wouldn't be surprised if their legs give out with me sitting on them.

In essence my days entail getting up at the crack of dawn (or as we in Jamaica say "before cock crow")to clean, feed and play.  I try to sneak in a few chores in between.  When he's worn out that's when the work really begins (washing, cooking, ironing, cleaning) so that when he wakes I can yet again clean, feed and play (on repeat) lol.

So here I am waiting with baited breath for his nanny to return so I can get in some much needed rest.  For week 2 I hope to include a trip to the beach (nanny in tow), visit to friends and going by grandma to sleep away my sanity.

I've got to say while I've always been thankful for my nanny I don't think I had a full appreciation for all that she does, now that he is growing up and becoming more than a handful.  I thank God for the day He sent her.  Her job to care for my sweet pea first and foremost has been well done.  

Motherhood is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.  So far it has also been the most enjoyable. To all the stay-at-home moms out there, I salute you.  To all the single moms out there I salute you. To every mom out there I salute you.  Men please support all the moms in your life, we need it :)
PS:  Appreciate and make use of those around to give a helping hand.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Procastination leads to ......procrastination

Yet again I have been missing in action. *Sigh* all due to procrastination.  Does anyone remember the old adage "do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today."  When will I learn.  Due to my constant procrastination I missed several weeks of blogging.  I had a move and due to a misunderstanding I was without cable and Internet for two weeks and now my lappy has a bottom screen *sigh*  Enough about my misfortunes.

Who of you out there has tried moving with a baby.  OMG! not an easy task.  Not sure about you guys, but I absolutely abhor moving.  I hate the packing (deciding what to keep and what to trash). It is much worst with a baby.  After a full week of work and coming home to pack every evening after work ... D-day has finally come.  Not only do you have to think of the things you will be using first, you have to think of the things the baby will need.  On this occasion the new place was so crammed,  we had to spend the first night at Grandma.

Here comes the baby drama.  My now on-a-routine waking only once a night baby, has been totally thrown off by this upheaval.  The new environment has sent him back to his old ways of waking several times per night (exhaustion overload for mommy).  Also, lack of cable to occupy him when me/his sitter is busy, has led him to be underfoot.  He refuses to stay in his crib without cartoons to occupy him and has found his voice (screaming at an UN-Godly pitch) when alone.  I guess being out of his comfort zone and off his routine will do that.  After all he was only 10 months.  Poor baby doesn't understand all these changes.

On the upside, the cable and Internet services are now up and running.  However, lil' man has adjusted to not having TV as his comfort and so it has lost some of its appeal.  He is still interested in his cartoons, but only selected ones :s .  He is much more interested in exploring his new space (with new hazards) and his hobby of running down (crawling swiftly) mommy.  I swear he seems to have gotten twice as clingy since the move.  As soon as I leave a room he is in, I find him at my feet with his arms around my legs/outstretched.  I have also been trying to get him back on course for his night's rest.  As it is now, he wakes crying for me several times.  I have been trying to ignore these (once I'm satisfied that he's not hungry) and allowing him to fall back asleep on his own.  So far UNSUCCESSFUL (tired, wild-eyed mommy).  It has been slow going but I will continue to try as I hunt the illusive full-nights sleep.

Until we meet again. xoxo.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Celebraaa ......Aaaargh, Stress!

Hi ya :)

Ohhhh my God! I am less than 2 months away from the biggest milestone of being a parent so far.  Celebrating the First Birthday *grin*.  We're almost there and I am soooooo excited. I feel like a child again (can't stop grinning). 

As the big day draws near, I am in a quandary.  I was a bit indecisive if I should plan anything for the big day.  I was leaning towards nothing (kinda wanted to, but didn't have the energy).  In came his dad and my mom (her first and only grand so far).  Their excitement rubbed off on me and now I am supposedly in the midst of planning a birthday party.  My idea was a very small gathering for family only, however, I do have close friends who I would like to share the moment and several have small children of their own.  And the list grows bigger *sigh*.

Where are all the callers for party, party, party? On the sidelines cheering me on *hhhmmmmn*.  With work and my life as a mom - the juggling act is on full blast.  At work I can't find the time to do anything else and at home I am consumed with lil' man (becoming quite a handful).  What have I done so far?  Called cake place to get prices, found a venue ...... eeeeem, yeah, that's about it (remember, less than 2 months).

I found that even before it's started I have become flustered.  In comes my Bestie tonight with some suggestions (love her *grin*) too bad she is so far away (I'd set her to work like no body's business).  But, alas! I have found a starting point.  I am definitely gonna have to make a final list of invitees and make some calls of things to get and such *sigh*.  I hope to have all this pinned down by the time I go on vacation, so I can use that time to pick up the items (I smell a plan afoot *yay*).

I would very much like AAAAALLLL suggestions and input :) so feel free to comment away.  Gonna catch forty winks and hope to dream of the perfect day with everything in place :)

Oh dear,lil' man is stirring.....ssssshhh. G'nite all.

PS:  Remember to send ure suggestions and ideas :) all are welcome xoxo

Thursday, 12 July 2012

How Do You Cope?

Before becoming a mother I gave only passing thought to a parent surviving the death of a child.  I was mindful of my parents getting older and I would pray everyday for their health and strength and that of my siblings and loved ones.  However, never imagined what it would be like to lose a child.

After the birth of my son I think I spent the first week at home crying every night that I would be a good parent and that he would come to no harm.  It caused me severe stress at just the mere thought of anything bad happening to him. 

This leads me to speak about my neighbours, a lovely middle-aged couple with two wonderful sons (a high-schooler and a young adult).  I cannot tell you the shock I received when I woke one morning about a month ago to hear that the older son had died in a very tragic accident.  This was a young man with a very promising future and on his final leg of completing university and would have graduated later this year.  A young man with so much discipline in a society where it does not seem popular to be polite and respectful.  A young man with his goals well known and his eye on the prize.  I was devastated.  Then my thoughts went to his parents and their grief, I wondered how in the world would they cope.

I reflected on the short time that I have known my son and the joy and love he has brought to my life in this span.  I could only imagine how many more thoughts of the future and memories these parents had.  Life can be so unfair, I thought.  The weeks leading up to his funeral were hard to say the least.  Friends, family, neighbours and well-wishers all shared in the joy of this young man's memory and the grief of his untimely passing.  His parents and younger brother seem to draw comfort from the camaraderie and the prayers/devotions kept in his honour.  Still I wondered how hard it was to bear when they were alone with their thoughts at nights.

His funeral is now passed and many of those who came, are back to their regular lives.  Yet, what will regular now be for this family?  A son whose laughter you will no longer hear, face you will only see in your mind/pictures and life you can only reminisce on.  This week would have been his 23rd birthday, just another day to me and some others.  However, another milestone to remind his parents and family that he is gone. 

The happenings of these last few weeks have caused me to worry and fret over what could happen.  Then I realised that this will not stop the inevitable from happening.  So instead I try to build significant memories with my son and let each day count.  I make sure he is surrounded by those who love and cherish him and pray that our inevitable is a lifetime away.

I hope to live a long and happy life with all my family and loved-ones. I pray that when we have to face one of life's harshest reality we can do so with a brave face and have a lifetime (however, long/short) of wonderful memories to soothe our hurt.

Until we meet again, stay safe and blessed and may you all find comfort and joy in your lives. xoxo

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Enjoying this journey

Wow, my former little bundle is now a big bundle.  One I can scarcely manage to lift or keep up with :)he is oh so active and into every little mischief.  I just absolutely love it.

When I last left you he was toying with the idea of saying bye bye and was crawling/furniture cruising :) Two days after my last post I told him bye and he jabbered something and moved his hands and I almost never left for work :=)) in all my excitement.  Now he actually waves and says an audible version of bye bye.  He's still cruising, he lets go for a short while but grabs back on quickly. He has also taken up riding me like a horse when I get home in the evenings, since this new hobby he has bucked me and burst my lips twice.  To say he's active could be the understatement of the Century.

I have to say that I have become more maternal than I have ever imagined.  While always wanting to be a mom, several years of living on my own made me spoilt and a bit selfish.  There is no room for selfishness in motherhood (at least, not for me).  I have found myself getting up before day (I used to rinse the alarm clock til the very last second), just to be able to do things with him in the mornings before I leave for work.  It just amazes me to watch his growth and transformation.  I love his expressions, the way he poses for pics when he sees the phone/camera,  the way he's so happy to see me first thing in the mornings and when I get home in the evenings, his little kisses and most of all I just love him for being his own little man :)

So far I have found this journey to be a bustle, with some unexpected turns but it is by far the most meaningful time of my life.  I have been enjoying the newness of it all and embracing the familiarity and just plain going along for the ride.  My son has forced me to appreciate life so much more and for that I am immensely grateful.  It is all so fleeting (can hardly believe he will be 10 months on the weekend). 

Life is short, hug, kiss and tell someone you love them today.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Oh dear, oh dear, oh how I have missed blogging.  However, I have been missing in action for a good reason - Motherhood.  Never had I dreamt it could be so demanding :) At now 9 mths, this little one keeps me on my toes.  Since we last spoke, he has been officially weaned *grin*, still not sleeping thru' the night, eating me out of house and home and pulling down everything in sight.

While not yet walking, he is marathon crawling and furniture surfing (where he crawls from one furniture to another then walks while holding onto the furniture).  I have had to move the television because my mini Hercules decided that the stand is perfect for pulling himself up, as well as taking the connection from DVD to TV as a chew toy *scratching my head*.  He's emptying my handbag (made me leave my ID two days in a row)and anything laying careless (in his mind)is fair game.  He has also developed the art of manipulation and tantrum.  He whines and pouts to get what he wants (works with the nanny) and when he doesn't he throws a tantrum (he's not even close to the terrible 2's as yet) *I shudder*.  I am working to get him out of that habit from now.  On the upside he's waving bye bye and definitely saying mommy and seeming to understand that I am mommy :) and he is very interactive and personable.

I will admit that I use the TV as a sitter whenever I have things that NEED to be done and HE needs to be kept occupied.  I have found several very good, baby/children friendly channels - Baby First TV, PBS, Treehouse.  He likes them all but is absolutely enamoured with Baby First TV.  I think it is good that TV has such wholesome, developmental programming for babies and toddlers.

I am totally in love with my life at this moment.  I have a busy 9-5, sleepless nights, everyday comings and goings and an active and healthy baby - I am juggling them all but the most important one will not fall. I promise to make more regular posts.  Until the next time, I'm going back to being, busy being a fabulous mom ;)

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

We Survived!

OK, OK, OK,not we.  I survived *grin*. I didn't think I was gonna make it.  When I decided for LJ to stay with my parents and sis for the night it seemed a good idea at the time.  However, by the time Saturday came around (I might add, much quicker than the norm) it wasn't feeling like such a wise idea.

When I dropped my pooh bear off on my way to work I was filled with trepidation.  Not because I was worried he wouldn't be treated well, my parents absolutely dote on him.  I guess it's just my motherly instincts in not wanting to leave him with anyone.  All the way to work I kept wondering if I was a bad mom for planning to leave him for the night.  Was it too soon and was he too young to be without his mommy.  To make matters worst I left work much later than planned and it was his bedtime and he was cranky so I did not go in to see him.  I am sure if I did, he would've gotten miserable and I would've taken him home.  So homeward bound I went without seeing him that night.  I felt very sad indeed.

After what proved to be as restless a night as I anticipated, I woke at 5 am.  OMG! this lil' boy has me brainwashed, I have no business getting up that early.  Anyway I did some chores before I went to pick him up.  He looked fine and most of all veeeery happy.  My heart almost burst from joy.  I got a good report from Grandma - he ate and loooved grown up food, he chased the dog all over the house and overall a fun time was had by all (me, not so much) *smile*.

So! will he be going to spend more nights and eventually weekends with Grammy and the family? suuuuuuure.  Will it be right now? Noooooo:) however, it is reassuring to know that you can count on the love and support of family.  KNOWing they will care for and love the most precious person/thing in your life.  It is also nice to get some alone time to do whatever you want, even if you don't make the most of it.  Best of all, my pooh bear is back home with his mommy where he belongs xoxo

PS:  It's been 2 weeks since he's had the breast, so I deem his weaning a success. :) Yay!!!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Big Decision

I have decided to let lil' man overnight at my parents.  This decision have come from me wanting him to have a great relationship with my parents (family is very important) and is also phase 2 of the teething process - hopefully he will warm to the idea of not having my boobs around (killing 2 birds with 1 stone).  My son is the apple of his grand parents eye and they absolutely dote on him, especially my mom.  In talking to other parents I have come to think it is a good idea for him to spend time with others so I may be rejuvenated.  The only person I trust enough for this are my parents. 

Initially, I had decided on a weekend.  I must admit that as soon as I made the decision I started having second thoughts about an entire weekend away from my precious.  Anyway, my mom saved me by suggesting that since it's the first time I try it for one night at first.  I think she's afraid that faced with the prospect of the entire weekend without my baby will have me running back for him *grin* she's probably right (she did the same to my grandma when I was to spend a night as a baby). 

Anyway, I am determined to try and see what happens.  I hope to get some rest (this coming from a mom who can't sleep because her baby is sleeping all night) or at least be more open to him spending time with his grandparents on more of a regular basis.  I will be working all day Saturday so maybe I will be too tired to worry ( I see all the sceptical faces out there :=) mine included).  However, on the off chance I start suffering from withdrawal or he gets too fussy, I will only be a 15 minute drive away (prob 5 in all honesty) with a full tank of gas, ready to join him.

Rest assured I will keep you posted of the outcome (biting nails as we speak - just kidding).

The Great Debate

What you may ask, could be the great debate?  In this instant it is the debate of whether or not to breastfeed.  Breastfeeding has always held some form of controversy, some say do it, some say if you do it should be in private and you have those who advocate for strictly formula feeding.  However, anyone who has seen CNN news last week may have heard about Jamie Lynne Grumet.  She is the mom who is choosing to breastfeed her son who is almost 4 years of age (no, I did not make a typo, I do mean 4 years of age).  The photo of her on the cover of the Times magazine with her son standing on a chair while breastfeeding has led to a maelstrom of emotions from people worldwide.

I think breastfeeding is a personal decision and one I chose because I thought it was best for my baby. I don't, however, think it is everybody's business or preference and so in public I chose to give my baby expressed milk from a bottle or find a private spot.  I had initially planned on breastfeeding for only 3 months until I got back to work, however, I did it exclusively for 5 months and have just now decided (since last Thursday) to wean him (he's now 8 months).  I found that it was a comfort for him but he was using me as a pacifier and I was becoming more exhausted as he wanted more and I was producing less.  Also, he started biting (a very big part of my decision to wean - he has 4 teeth).  My decision have not been easy as he still wants the breast and gets extra cranky around bedtime, but I have chosen to stick to it and know he will be okay. 

I have found that many people have very specific ideas of what I should do as a parent, some are impressed that I chose to breastfeed and do it so long, others are appalled (they say you're crazy and I would never do that) - I tell them both, it's not for everyone but it's my decision and mine only.  I have also found people to be equally vocal about the weaning process - people actually think I am making a bad decision to wean and not allow my baby to decide when he wants to wean (gimme a break, should I also let him decide if he should take a bath or when is an appropriate bed-time) - the last time I checked, I am the parent in the relationship.  I have made my decision and it is what is best for my little family, popular or not.  For mothers who chose not to breastfeed, I may not agree but that's their decision to make.  For mothers like Alanis Morissette who has been going 16 months strong, more power to her.  Finally, for mothers like  Jamie going well over 2 years, hell no (but that's just my personal opinion).

As with everything in life, we all choose different paths for different reasons and individual decisions should be respected even when not understood or agreed.  Decisions/opinions are personnal and individual, however, respect should be universal.  Until next time, keep doing what you do ;)

Monday, 14 May 2012

Baby sick, Mommy sick

Hiya, it's been a lil' while since my last post and my what happenings.  I awoke at 3:30 am last week Tuesday to find my previously healthy baby boy roasting with a fever.  At 1am when I fed him, he seemed fine, but at 3:30 I felt him kicking me and heard him whimpering.  When I picked him up he was roasting :'( for a quick second panic set in and then my instincts kicked in.  I took his temp and it was a whopping 100.76 degrees Fahrenheit or 38.2 degrees Celsius.  I gave him children's Panadol and put him back to bed (of course that was the end of my night's rest).   I spent the night Googling ranges of body temp and remedies and trying not to panic (too much).

When a decent hour finally dawned, I did our usual routine and left strict instructions with the sitter to take his temp every hour or less (if he got excessively warm)and went to work with a very heavy heart.  I called his paediatrician as soon as I got in office, after hearing what I did and his temp I was instructed to continue doing what I was doing (little comfort).  While he seemed a lil' bit better in the day the night brought more challenges.  Why do children seem to always get sick or take a turn for the worst at nights?

Thank God for his aunts (one reminded me of the old-time, country remedy and the other brought it to me - Benjamins Rose Water).  Trust me, it works!  After undressing him and rubbing him down with it and wrapping him in a towel, allowing him to dry - he started sweating and the fever steadily went down *whew*.  Of course I called doc the following morn and took him to see her on the Thursday.  She told me he was in better health than me (not surprised since I hadn't slept in two days and was now coming down with something dreadful myself).  By Thursday night I was a mess and the medication I was on only made him cranky and groggy all night, so even less rest for mommy *sigh*. 

By the Friday morning I was barely running on fumes and was in pain from head to toe, so I took the day off from work, went by my mom, ate, took meds and slept.  Now we're both on the mend :) Thank You Lord :)

A big thanks to my very supportive family who assisted me through this rough patch.  The love of family can never be overemphasised.  I love you all *big hug and kisses* xoxo

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Wasted Sleep

How many parents out there has a young baby that sleeps through the night/wakes just once?  You are sooooo LUCKY!  At 7 mths and 3 wks my lil' man still wakes several times during the night.  So imagine my immense surprise last week Sunday when he woke only once.

One might think (myself included) that I would have grabbed this opportunity for dear life.  Alas, such as not the case *sigh*.  The first part of the night went well enough, he went to sleep by 8pm and I settled to read a book - The Hunger Games. By 10pm I decided to get some rest since I expected him to be getting up shortly (he didn't wake until 1am).  When I got up to feed him I was overcome with joy that he had slept so long.  I fed him and placed him back in his crib.

Now, for all the sleep deprived moms out there - we know the drill go right back to bed before he wakes again.  I actually fell asleep but promptly woke with half an hr. As I jumped out of my sleep I realised he was still asleep.  Try as I may, I could not get back to bed.  Suffice to say, I spent the next 4hrs (FOOOUUURRRR hrs people!!!) getting up and checking his crib.  Yes I wanted him to sleep and now that my poor baby obliged, what do I do? Spend all night obsessing if he's ok and checking him by the light of my phone. ( I laugh at myself).  I almost killed the phone battery (didn't want bright/night light to wake him) to check if he was breathing *shaking my head*

Math Prob

What does baby sleeping all night + a paranoid mom give you?


Baby asleep all night (1st time) + paranoid 1st time mom = Wasted Sleep and mom still pop down.

Be careful what you pray for, and be sure to be ready when you get it :) So here I am praying again for that one fleeting night to repeat itself and added to my prayer this time "Lord, please allow me to enjoy his sleeping by sleeping myself."

Until my next post, sleep well and sweet dreams :)

Saturday, 28 April 2012

When Do You Get The Feeling?

What feeling am I talking about?  The feeling of motherhood.  I'm not sure about other first time moms but even with the responsibilities of motherhood I sometimes still feel like a glorified babysitter *grin*.  Sure i'm not able to do some of the things I did in the past and have to get up for cleanings and feedings at nights but still wasn't feeling that feeling. Untiiilll.......last weekend.

Last weekend was a time of awakening.  That dreaded Saturday when lil' man fell off the bed *sigh* and then came Sunday.  After a somewhat rainy day with dad, we were back home. I had bathed and put on LJ's bedtime clothes and had him in my lap trying to decide if I should go get a shower or feed him.  The final decision was to feed him before I showered (great decision).  As I put the bottle to his lips and he took one sip, he gagged *hhmmmmn*.  I thought maybe he's just gonna puke a lil' (he's never puked before, so not sure what to expect) and so I lifted his bib in front of his mouth.  Imagine my rude awakening when not a little puke but projectile vomiting came out.  Needless to say the bib was of no use.  He was covered from neck to toe in vomit, I was covered from thigh down (thank God I had on shorts), the chair got it, the bed got it and a large area of the floor was covered.  Waaaaay GROSS!!! I tend to be a bit on the squeamish side.

So here I am peeling vomit filled clothes off my son, washing him in the sink, brushing out the mattress and the chair, wiping and re-wiping the floor and washing my slippers in the shower while I wash myself from head to toe *sigh*.  Somewhere in the middle of washing out a nasty wash rag to re-wipe the floor a thought came to me, OMG I do feel like a mom.  These are the things my mom would've done for us and I now have to do (because he's my baby and there is no-one else to do it).  No longer do I feel like just a sitter with extra work (no one could pay me to do this!) 

While I may not always feel the feeling, I am blissfully aware that I AM A Mom and I do look forward to each and everyday I get to spend with this lovely human who has only enriched my life.  Talk to you in my next post :)

Monday, 23 April 2012


:'( :'( :'( a distressed mom I am :'( you may be thinking what could have me in such a quandry? Alas, my worst fear (so far) have been realised.  My lil' pumkin fell off the bed :'(  This happened Saturday and I was waaaay too distressed to blog about it then.  My tummy still aches to think about it now.

Ok, so the more experienced mothers out there may say "it comes with the territory" but OMG! I cannot think anything more frightening than hearing that thud, then the wailing and finally seeing my baby the tile on his back crying as never before :'( tears come to my eyes. (Gimme a sec....I had to give him a quick peck even though he's sleeping). 

Usually I place him in his crib because he can be very frisky, but if i'm making a quick spin out the room (a very short distance) I can give him something to keep his attention and barricade him with pillows.  It didn't work this time *sad face*.  He moved the pillows and rolled from the corner right off the bed in the few seconds it took me to go in the bathroom to get something.

After all my checks, he seems to be fine.  Still trying to stand, dancing up a storm and jabbering away.  I do wish I could bubble-wrap him or place sponge on the ground in case he falls *sigh*.  Sadly I'm aware this is not possible nor practical and he will have more falls in the future.  However, for now it's off to the protective custody of his jail, I mean his crib *grin*.

Til' we blog again, his warden/mommy signing off for the night.

Thursday, 19 April 2012


Driving can be many things including exciting, dangerous or fun, but with a newborn/young baby it is downright nerve-wracking!  For those who know me it is no secret that I am prone to a bit of road-rage (especially when faced with drivers I find incompetent) and I also have a wee bit of 'heavy feet'. 

Early in my pregnancy I got rear-ended by driver that was gazing, it was a very scary experience.  Now that lil' man is here I am not only scared about idiots on the road but of a multitude of things.  Am I going too fast, is that driver behind me too close, is he ok on his car seat (rear-facing)etc. So, of course I got a mirror so I can see him thru' my rear-view mirror and have 'Baby on Board' signs both back and front and I watch my speed.  Yet I still worry.  Even with him being 7-months I haven't travelled far distances with him alone (daddy, grandma or auntie usually in tow).

Another thought now with baby on board is my choice of music.  I never really gave conscious thought as to what I was listening and singing along to until now.  I ponder, is the music too loud for him, is the language pg-rated and what of the content?  So many other non-driving things to think about.  Finally, I try not to cuss out other drivers and keep my temper in check.

In conclusion, while driving with such precious cargo on board in hell on the nerves, I have become a better driver and better person for him :) so, until my next post, drive good!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Guilt/Jealousy :(

Okay, I know i'm not alone on this one.  I'm sure most newbie moms go thru' the same thing.  What am I talking about?  The ugly green-eyed monster, Jealousy!  While I would love to be a stay-at-home mom, like so many others, I cannot afford to.  So in comes the nanny *sigh*. 

Glad you are to have someone caring for your child, guilty you are because you are unable to do it yourself, jealous you become when they form that special bond :s.  So what do we do?  From the beginning of time, mothers have had to receive help caring for our young, no need to be guilty.  Talk to other parents in similar situations and realize, you're not alone, you're not the first and you won't be the last.  Also, note that without working you would be unable to properly care/provide for your child.

Having come to realization that you have to work, next comes choosing a care-giver (a nerve-wracking process).  Do you choose nursery/nanny?  For me, the nanny was the better of the two evils.  So here she is and she doing a great job (heard sooo many horror stories) and on the one hand I feel fortunate to find someone who cares so much for my honey.  On the other hand, I feel jealous that she gets to spend her days with MY baby :'( .  She gets to hear first words, see first stages of crawling/walking, talking and all the things I wanna obsess about :(.  When she comes in the mornings, he reaches for her happily and smiles, yet I was the one spending sleepless nights *not amused*.  So I grudgingly hand him over and watch him forelornly beam with happiness as I get ready to spend the morning in traffic, headed to a job where I spend hours waiting to get home to be on the receiving end of those smiles *sigh*

My inner-child wishes to lie in a ball and throw a tantrum (maybe there is something to being a baby afterall), yet my rational adult mind knows that good help is hard to find and I should thank my lucky stars.  All in all I have a great nanny who loves my son and takes excellent care of him.  So I make up for my guilt and jealousy by showering him with lots of love and attention and enjoying every moment with him to the fullest.

So until next time, mi gone love up mi honey bunch :) Walk good!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

1st Visit to the Zoo

Aaaaaah :) yesterday was a our first visit to the zoo.  Suffice to say lil' man was underwhelmed. I must say that for anyone considering taking a young baby on such an outing, it is not recommended to do too many activities before.  LJ had a photo-session and a mini play date before the zoo and by he got there, was all tuckered out. 

To be truthful I really didn't expect much of a reaction from LJ (he's only 6mths for crying out loud).  Except for the ostriches (I think the huge flapping wings caught his attention) I can't say my honey bun cared one bit.  Also, just like his mom he's not a fan of the sun and started to have a melt-down, so I ended up either lifting him and my mom pushing an empty stroller or vice versa.  The major event of the visit was me running down the stroller (4got to apply the brakes) in my cute dress and slippers (a funniest home video moment)*still grinning* it was hiiillllarious. 

While the trip was enjoyed by the adults much more than my honey bun, I do not regret it as I felt it necessary to introduce him to animals early so he may not be afraid of them in the future.  Can I tell you, while there I saw a mom dragging her son (about 2 or 3 yrs of age) kicking and screaming to look at the animals :( the child was petrified.  I cannot be sure of LJ's future reaction but I have pics to show him of his first visit - tear free with some smiles.

Enjoy the rest of the Easter holidays as I head for bed (mommy is still tuckered out from the sun and walking)

PS:  I won't be taking him back until he can walk ;) and recognise some animals :D

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

My Inner Nerd

Okay, normally I consider myself a have it all together girl, you might say a cool chick with all kinds of swag (at least that's what I tell myself).  However, I have found since having my son I have become not so cool.  Case in point - LJ's first toothbrush *grin*.

Yesterday I went to the pharmacy for a mundane purchase - saline drops (great for babies stuffy nose).  While the pharmacist was prepping item, I happened to glance around and saw baby stuff (step 1 - swag walking to the window).  Of course my excitement grabbed by co-workers attention and we began cooing over the cute items.  Then I saw it! a cute toothbrush-like item (made specifically for babies 6-8mths with 2 or more milk teeth) HELLOOOO!!!! my baby! (step 2 - swag climbing unto window) I am behaving like a Gladys in di people dem place *shame-faced*  So I made my purchase (saline drops and toothbrush) and we left, only to meet another co-worker on the way and gladly showed off my purchase *sigh* (seriously! step 3 swag - hanging on windowsill by nails).

Finally, back from lunch and in the office, I proceeded to show interested co-workers my purchase, aaaaaand ping some family and friends the picture of said toothbrush (Geezam-peez! it official - mi swag jump out di window and running full speed dung di road!).

So guess what? I may not be as cool as I think, but you know....I don't care because I am one proud and happy mamma who is happy to be all kinds of nerdy over my baby.  Until my next post, walk good :D

LJ's now infamous 1st Toothbrush

Monday, 2 April 2012

Teething Pain :'(

Ok, I think we all know that once you're a mom sleep deprivation comes with the territory. However, who knew it could reach this extent.

My 6-mth old is in the throes of teething and can I tell you, oh so! not pretty!  My usually calm, sweet and smiling bundle of joy has manifested into a crying, mostly whimpering mess *sigh*.  Now bear in mind that this lil' one has never gotten the hang of sleeping thru' the night even before this.  So picture him waking now every half an hr and even when sleeping he's still whimpering (not cool) my poor baby and me (Pop-down til mi buck).

Nothing seems to please this lil' one, he doesn't like the teething ring and as soon as the pacifier gets to room temperature (it's also kept cool) across the room it goes (he's got quite an arm, wonder if he's gonna play cricket).  The wet rag only makes a mess of things and he absolutely hates the taste of the teething gel (he looked at me as if I were tryna poison him).

As a first-time mom, you know his paed is on speed dial, so as I reached work this morning (waay too tired to even remember how I got there) I called her.  Of course she suggested the methods I have already tried *they don't woooork :'( :'(  *

So as I yawn, I will go to bed hoping that some good Samaritan will know of something that actually works and asking for divine intervention in way of actual sleep *YAWN*
PS:  For all the trouble these little teeth are causing, I will be nagging him none stop to keep them clean ;)

Sunday, 1 April 2012


Hi :)

I have been meaning to start this blog from I found out I was pregnant (my pookiebear is now 6 months old). 

Being a first-time mom I am writing this blog as a means of chronicling this phase of my life. I am so excited about all that awaits us and do not want to forget anything along the way. Better yet, I want something to remind me of the good (sleep-deprived & poop-filled) times during the teen years. My lil' boy brings lots of firsts, he is the first grandchild for both my parents and the first to make my bro and sis an uncle and aunt :) he's pretty special. 

I went through my pregnancy as smooth as could be, no morning sickness (yay me!) gained only 35lbs and just had a wonderful time.  Childbirth (uuugh, not so much) and motherhood (the verdicts still out).  Anyway, here I am several months later with a cutie pie that is going thru' teething and learning to creep *sigh* and all seems well as he's still in one piece and thriving well *whew*.

I am so grateful to have much support from family and friends who have been thru' it before. I've also had 4 very close friends who gave birth before me last yr, which is priceless as they all go thru' most stages before me and can re-collect them *grin* (no dis-respect mom).

Follow me as I keep you posted ;)