Thursday, 23 August 2012


Let me start by saying a stay at home vacation with a 10/11 month old is absolutely no vacation.  After week one of my two weeks, I feel like a complete wreck, more in need of a vacation than anything.  My only saving grace is not having to leave home for any early appointments.  Although I have long since perished the thought of sleeping in.  My child is unaware of that concept (tired smile).  He's up and at 'em by 6am in the morn (Lord, please let him remain this way when he starts school and thru' his teenage years. Amen).

OK, I'm supposedly on two weeks vacay, as such, I gave the nanny week 1 off for herself.  Can I tell you, after day 1 I've been wondering how she does it.  This lil' one knows no down-time.  He seems to be of the mindset "go hard or go home" completely oblivious to the fact he's already at home.  Gone are the days when you put him at one spot in the crib and he remains there quietly until I come to get him when I'm finished with a chore.  Noooooo. Now he screams on the top of his lungs as if he's incarcerated against his will or he shakes his poor crib to a wreck.  There are few quiet moments in that crib unless he is sleeping. Not wanting to keep him locked up, I set him free; where he instantly tries to climb all the grilles in the house or shake down everything.  I swear the dining room chairs have developed a complex from his manhandling.  I wouldn't be surprised if their legs give out with me sitting on them.

In essence my days entail getting up at the crack of dawn (or as we in Jamaica say "before cock crow")to clean, feed and play.  I try to sneak in a few chores in between.  When he's worn out that's when the work really begins (washing, cooking, ironing, cleaning) so that when he wakes I can yet again clean, feed and play (on repeat) lol.

So here I am waiting with baited breath for his nanny to return so I can get in some much needed rest.  For week 2 I hope to include a trip to the beach (nanny in tow), visit to friends and going by grandma to sleep away my sanity.

I've got to say while I've always been thankful for my nanny I don't think I had a full appreciation for all that she does, now that he is growing up and becoming more than a handful.  I thank God for the day He sent her.  Her job to care for my sweet pea first and foremost has been well done.  

Motherhood is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.  So far it has also been the most enjoyable. To all the stay-at-home moms out there, I salute you.  To all the single moms out there I salute you. To every mom out there I salute you.  Men please support all the moms in your life, we need it :)
PS:  Appreciate and make use of those around to give a helping hand.

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