Sunday, 26 August 2012

On-time vs. Baby-time

For those who know me, I can be a bit persnickety.  Not in all areas, but I do tend to be a bit 'Monk'-ish.  One of my major pet-peeve was being late.  I've found that some persons have no regard for others and their time and honestly it pisses me off.  Fast-forward 11 months after childbirth.  How is my timing/scheduling going?  As anyone or most people with children, in particular young babies will tell you, getting ready to go anywhere is now a big-time chore.  My more experienced friends have driven the fear of God in me.  I have been told that it only gets worst and will eventually become a full-blown production.  (Thanks guys for allaying my fears).

Let me say, I can no longer spontaneously get ready to go somewhere and be happy and relaxed when I get there.   Nooooo.  All trips and I repeat ALL trips need to be pre-scheduled.  This includes knowing from this week, that I will be attending church next week.  I know you may find this amusing and to some extent, it is.  But, for all intents and purposes I am sooo serious.  I need to know in advance where the event is taking place and the time it will begin.  These are imperative to prep time and designated route.  Also, I will have to pre-arrange attire and back-up attires for the occasion.  Next, you have to remember big things like feed, diapers, wipes, medication and the list goes on.  Then the little things that can mean the difference between life and death eg: pacifier, toys to occupy.  All pre-packed and ticked off my to-do list (I know, I know, 'Monk'-ish).  

Let us assume that these things are all in place (laugh).  Rest assured this is the morning your baby will want to sleep late, be extra fussy getting ready, throw up on your outfit (usually have back-up outfit for baby,  not so much yourself).  After all this the car tyre may be flat, the battery has died (true story).  What do you do?  I find that going back to bed helps.

So where does all this leave me?  Consistently running late, especially since I have to obey the speed limit when driving with him on board.  Changing my work time from 8-4 to 9-5 yet still leaving late every morning and then driving like  fiend to get there on-time.  (I apologise to the people I have inadvertently cut-off, cussed-out and overtaken to get to work on-time).  The result, most often than not I am a frazzled mess, needing several minutes to function properly.  

While making a conscious effort to accept the things I cannot change, I am yet to accept that I will never be early again.  Instead I continue to try my best to be on-time (early may be pushing it at this stage).

Peace and love all. Xoxo.

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