Sunday, 3 March 2013

To Protect and Serve

I find that since becoming a mom I have a natural instinct to protect my bundle of joy (quite a large bundle now).  This feeling is not just some remote, run-of-the-mill, on and off thing.  It is an earnest, get angry and will hunt down a mosquito with the intent of annihilation for biting my baby (he's growing up fast, but still my baby #Don'tJudge :-) ).
Let us rewind to last weekend.  The plan was to spend Saturday with family and then Sunday at church and then relax.  Things started going downhill when I forgot the shoe I planned to wear to church by my mom.  You may ask, why not just change outfit to match another pair of shoe (as a busy mom, I had noooo intentions of getting an entire new outfit prepared).  The plan was therefore, to collect the shoes before church (*Sigh* now a perpetual late-bug with baby in-tow, not a good idea).  
Now Sunday morning - rushing, picked up shoes, still rushing, now more than half hour late and finally reaching church.  Every parent/guardian out there know how toddlers are. Can I tell you, this lil' boy found everything on the ground fascinating and was taking his own sweet time mosey-ing along, definitely, not on my time line.  To speed up the process I decided to carry him inside (keep in mind, un-level ground, a 30lb toddler, bags and 7-inch heels).  Wait! Before you ask "What was she thinking?" this is a task I have performed a multitude of times.  High heels are a part of my daily attire and I always walk with him while wearing them.  Anyway, let us focus on the matter at hand.  I stooped to pick up baby boy and moved off, when my heel got caught in some crack and threw me off-kilter.  The initial stumble was no biggie and had my hands not been full (quite literally) I would never have fallen.  However, my instinct to protect automatically kicked in and I held on to my son for dear life and fell directly on my knees.  He was totally unscathed, however my knees and my pride weren't so fortunate.  I checked him (he was fine), then got up, dusted of my dress, picked up the spilt items, put back on my shoe, picked him up and went up a flight of stairs to the nearest chair (I didn't dare look at or touch my knees).  After church I asked one of the teenagers to take him to the car for me (he was asleep and even heavier) while I gingerly followed.
So, as I sit in bed typing this, with my more seriously injured leg propped on a pillow, I ponder what other mis-adventures awaits in the future.  I know this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Despite the pain and discomfort (was not aware that my knees came in contact with so many things and quite so often), I have already found the humour in the situation.  I hope and pray the future bumps in the road will be less painful :-).  I also pray that I will be able to protect him from all physical and emotional hurt ( impossible, I know, I know) but a mom can wish, can't she?  Where I am unable to protect him, I will hope that I have given him all the useful tools to cope with whatever obstacles he faces.  Rest assured, a mother's drive to protect her child is as wild and animalistic as in primitive, uncivilised times.  That means instinctive and just PURE LOVE.
Until next time xoxo.


PS:  Falling is definitely not for the grown and sexy ;-) it is purely for the young, and I mean the very young *grins*