Saturday, 2 February 2013

Boy, oh Boy!

I find that many of my girlfriends want to have little girls, a major reason being that boys are too rambunctious.  However, being the mother of a little boy I did not think that they are any more naughty or rambunctious than the little girls I have been in contact with.  Not being your quintessential girlie girl and having a brother just two years my junior, rough-housing and sports come naturally to me.  So I embraced being the mother of a little boy with wide open arms and a smile on my face.
Fast-forward a year and four months later.  OMG!  While I still stand by my initial belief that boys are no more naughty than little girls (at this age), I am finding that compared to my girlfriends with little girls, us mommy's with boys are faced with a lot more worrying moments.  It is my experience that while all children this age seem to like climbing etc., my son seems particularly prone to giving me tiny heart-failures.  He does not seem to have a great sense of balance/direction when running, and, he never seems to walk.  When he does walk he prefers to do so backwards or try to sidestep toys he has placed all over the house like landmines. He consistently has little scratches (nothing major or to concern him) that I have absolutely no clue where they came from even though I watch him carefully.  In the last 3 weeks he has fallen of the sofa handle (no matter how many times I scold him from climbing over the handles he seems oblivious) and gotten a large coco (bump) on his forehead.  That only minutely slowed him down - an hour after the fall I had to slap him for climbing up the very same spot he had fallen.  He also fell and chipped off a tiny potion of his tooth *I can see the grey hairs appearing*.  This was due to the fact that he was running with his truck and fell *sigh*.  I have also found him climbing the gate to try and open the front door and also trying to climb down from the changing table while I am diapering him.  I am at the point where I am on my way home from work and wondering "what has he gotten up to today?"  I have also warned my hairdresser to keep any new-found grey hairs to herself *I mean who really needs that information, seriously?*
OK, so here's where I admit that I may have been a wee bit incorrect on the details - OK, OK, OK, I was wrong.  He may not be any naughtier but he is surely more naturally aggressive, active and a dare-devil than any of the little girls I know at this  stage.  When I tell friends of my saga's with him, they say - "boys will be boys", "a suh dem tan" or "yeah mon, typical bwoy dat".  So here I sit with a few more grey hairs, a lot more tired, a bit stressed for the next mishap, but thoroughly enjoying the flurry of activities that surround a waking child :).
In conclusion, my opinion is that boys are indeed my more rowdy and rambunctious than girls (at least the ones I have been in contact with).  But all children, boy/girls are different in their own special way.  With this in mind I aim to cultivate my lil' boys development in every positive way - even if it means a few more bumps and bruises for the both of us.
'Til next time xoxo.