Wednesday, 30 May 2012

We Survived!

OK, OK, OK,not we.  I survived *grin*. I didn't think I was gonna make it.  When I decided for LJ to stay with my parents and sis for the night it seemed a good idea at the time.  However, by the time Saturday came around (I might add, much quicker than the norm) it wasn't feeling like such a wise idea.

When I dropped my pooh bear off on my way to work I was filled with trepidation.  Not because I was worried he wouldn't be treated well, my parents absolutely dote on him.  I guess it's just my motherly instincts in not wanting to leave him with anyone.  All the way to work I kept wondering if I was a bad mom for planning to leave him for the night.  Was it too soon and was he too young to be without his mommy.  To make matters worst I left work much later than planned and it was his bedtime and he was cranky so I did not go in to see him.  I am sure if I did, he would've gotten miserable and I would've taken him home.  So homeward bound I went without seeing him that night.  I felt very sad indeed.

After what proved to be as restless a night as I anticipated, I woke at 5 am.  OMG! this lil' boy has me brainwashed, I have no business getting up that early.  Anyway I did some chores before I went to pick him up.  He looked fine and most of all veeeery happy.  My heart almost burst from joy.  I got a good report from Grandma - he ate and loooved grown up food, he chased the dog all over the house and overall a fun time was had by all (me, not so much) *smile*.

So! will he be going to spend more nights and eventually weekends with Grammy and the family? suuuuuuure.  Will it be right now? Noooooo:) however, it is reassuring to know that you can count on the love and support of family.  KNOWing they will care for and love the most precious person/thing in your life.  It is also nice to get some alone time to do whatever you want, even if you don't make the most of it.  Best of all, my pooh bear is back home with his mommy where he belongs xoxo

PS:  It's been 2 weeks since he's had the breast, so I deem his weaning a success. :) Yay!!!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Big Decision

I have decided to let lil' man overnight at my parents.  This decision have come from me wanting him to have a great relationship with my parents (family is very important) and is also phase 2 of the teething process - hopefully he will warm to the idea of not having my boobs around (killing 2 birds with 1 stone).  My son is the apple of his grand parents eye and they absolutely dote on him, especially my mom.  In talking to other parents I have come to think it is a good idea for him to spend time with others so I may be rejuvenated.  The only person I trust enough for this are my parents. 

Initially, I had decided on a weekend.  I must admit that as soon as I made the decision I started having second thoughts about an entire weekend away from my precious.  Anyway, my mom saved me by suggesting that since it's the first time I try it for one night at first.  I think she's afraid that faced with the prospect of the entire weekend without my baby will have me running back for him *grin* she's probably right (she did the same to my grandma when I was to spend a night as a baby). 

Anyway, I am determined to try and see what happens.  I hope to get some rest (this coming from a mom who can't sleep because her baby is sleeping all night) or at least be more open to him spending time with his grandparents on more of a regular basis.  I will be working all day Saturday so maybe I will be too tired to worry ( I see all the sceptical faces out there :=) mine included).  However, on the off chance I start suffering from withdrawal or he gets too fussy, I will only be a 15 minute drive away (prob 5 in all honesty) with a full tank of gas, ready to join him.

Rest assured I will keep you posted of the outcome (biting nails as we speak - just kidding).

The Great Debate

What you may ask, could be the great debate?  In this instant it is the debate of whether or not to breastfeed.  Breastfeeding has always held some form of controversy, some say do it, some say if you do it should be in private and you have those who advocate for strictly formula feeding.  However, anyone who has seen CNN news last week may have heard about Jamie Lynne Grumet.  She is the mom who is choosing to breastfeed her son who is almost 4 years of age (no, I did not make a typo, I do mean 4 years of age).  The photo of her on the cover of the Times magazine with her son standing on a chair while breastfeeding has led to a maelstrom of emotions from people worldwide.

I think breastfeeding is a personal decision and one I chose because I thought it was best for my baby. I don't, however, think it is everybody's business or preference and so in public I chose to give my baby expressed milk from a bottle or find a private spot.  I had initially planned on breastfeeding for only 3 months until I got back to work, however, I did it exclusively for 5 months and have just now decided (since last Thursday) to wean him (he's now 8 months).  I found that it was a comfort for him but he was using me as a pacifier and I was becoming more exhausted as he wanted more and I was producing less.  Also, he started biting (a very big part of my decision to wean - he has 4 teeth).  My decision have not been easy as he still wants the breast and gets extra cranky around bedtime, but I have chosen to stick to it and know he will be okay. 

I have found that many people have very specific ideas of what I should do as a parent, some are impressed that I chose to breastfeed and do it so long, others are appalled (they say you're crazy and I would never do that) - I tell them both, it's not for everyone but it's my decision and mine only.  I have also found people to be equally vocal about the weaning process - people actually think I am making a bad decision to wean and not allow my baby to decide when he wants to wean (gimme a break, should I also let him decide if he should take a bath or when is an appropriate bed-time) - the last time I checked, I am the parent in the relationship.  I have made my decision and it is what is best for my little family, popular or not.  For mothers who chose not to breastfeed, I may not agree but that's their decision to make.  For mothers like Alanis Morissette who has been going 16 months strong, more power to her.  Finally, for mothers like  Jamie going well over 2 years, hell no (but that's just my personal opinion).

As with everything in life, we all choose different paths for different reasons and individual decisions should be respected even when not understood or agreed.  Decisions/opinions are personnal and individual, however, respect should be universal.  Until next time, keep doing what you do ;)

Monday, 14 May 2012

Baby sick, Mommy sick

Hiya, it's been a lil' while since my last post and my what happenings.  I awoke at 3:30 am last week Tuesday to find my previously healthy baby boy roasting with a fever.  At 1am when I fed him, he seemed fine, but at 3:30 I felt him kicking me and heard him whimpering.  When I picked him up he was roasting :'( for a quick second panic set in and then my instincts kicked in.  I took his temp and it was a whopping 100.76 degrees Fahrenheit or 38.2 degrees Celsius.  I gave him children's Panadol and put him back to bed (of course that was the end of my night's rest).   I spent the night Googling ranges of body temp and remedies and trying not to panic (too much).

When a decent hour finally dawned, I did our usual routine and left strict instructions with the sitter to take his temp every hour or less (if he got excessively warm)and went to work with a very heavy heart.  I called his paediatrician as soon as I got in office, after hearing what I did and his temp I was instructed to continue doing what I was doing (little comfort).  While he seemed a lil' bit better in the day the night brought more challenges.  Why do children seem to always get sick or take a turn for the worst at nights?

Thank God for his aunts (one reminded me of the old-time, country remedy and the other brought it to me - Benjamins Rose Water).  Trust me, it works!  After undressing him and rubbing him down with it and wrapping him in a towel, allowing him to dry - he started sweating and the fever steadily went down *whew*.  Of course I called doc the following morn and took him to see her on the Thursday.  She told me he was in better health than me (not surprised since I hadn't slept in two days and was now coming down with something dreadful myself).  By Thursday night I was a mess and the medication I was on only made him cranky and groggy all night, so even less rest for mommy *sigh*. 

By the Friday morning I was barely running on fumes and was in pain from head to toe, so I took the day off from work, went by my mom, ate, took meds and slept.  Now we're both on the mend :) Thank You Lord :)

A big thanks to my very supportive family who assisted me through this rough patch.  The love of family can never be overemphasised.  I love you all *big hug and kisses* xoxo

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Wasted Sleep

How many parents out there has a young baby that sleeps through the night/wakes just once?  You are sooooo LUCKY!  At 7 mths and 3 wks my lil' man still wakes several times during the night.  So imagine my immense surprise last week Sunday when he woke only once.

One might think (myself included) that I would have grabbed this opportunity for dear life.  Alas, such as not the case *sigh*.  The first part of the night went well enough, he went to sleep by 8pm and I settled to read a book - The Hunger Games. By 10pm I decided to get some rest since I expected him to be getting up shortly (he didn't wake until 1am).  When I got up to feed him I was overcome with joy that he had slept so long.  I fed him and placed him back in his crib.

Now, for all the sleep deprived moms out there - we know the drill go right back to bed before he wakes again.  I actually fell asleep but promptly woke with half an hr. As I jumped out of my sleep I realised he was still asleep.  Try as I may, I could not get back to bed.  Suffice to say, I spent the next 4hrs (FOOOUUURRRR hrs people!!!) getting up and checking his crib.  Yes I wanted him to sleep and now that my poor baby obliged, what do I do? Spend all night obsessing if he's ok and checking him by the light of my phone. ( I laugh at myself).  I almost killed the phone battery (didn't want bright/night light to wake him) to check if he was breathing *shaking my head*

Math Prob

What does baby sleeping all night + a paranoid mom give you?


Baby asleep all night (1st time) + paranoid 1st time mom = Wasted Sleep and mom still pop down.

Be careful what you pray for, and be sure to be ready when you get it :) So here I am praying again for that one fleeting night to repeat itself and added to my prayer this time "Lord, please allow me to enjoy his sleeping by sleeping myself."

Until my next post, sleep well and sweet dreams :)