Monday, 14 May 2012

Baby sick, Mommy sick

Hiya, it's been a lil' while since my last post and my what happenings.  I awoke at 3:30 am last week Tuesday to find my previously healthy baby boy roasting with a fever.  At 1am when I fed him, he seemed fine, but at 3:30 I felt him kicking me and heard him whimpering.  When I picked him up he was roasting :'( for a quick second panic set in and then my instincts kicked in.  I took his temp and it was a whopping 100.76 degrees Fahrenheit or 38.2 degrees Celsius.  I gave him children's Panadol and put him back to bed (of course that was the end of my night's rest).   I spent the night Googling ranges of body temp and remedies and trying not to panic (too much).

When a decent hour finally dawned, I did our usual routine and left strict instructions with the sitter to take his temp every hour or less (if he got excessively warm)and went to work with a very heavy heart.  I called his paediatrician as soon as I got in office, after hearing what I did and his temp I was instructed to continue doing what I was doing (little comfort).  While he seemed a lil' bit better in the day the night brought more challenges.  Why do children seem to always get sick or take a turn for the worst at nights?

Thank God for his aunts (one reminded me of the old-time, country remedy and the other brought it to me - Benjamins Rose Water).  Trust me, it works!  After undressing him and rubbing him down with it and wrapping him in a towel, allowing him to dry - he started sweating and the fever steadily went down *whew*.  Of course I called doc the following morn and took him to see her on the Thursday.  She told me he was in better health than me (not surprised since I hadn't slept in two days and was now coming down with something dreadful myself).  By Thursday night I was a mess and the medication I was on only made him cranky and groggy all night, so even less rest for mommy *sigh*. 

By the Friday morning I was barely running on fumes and was in pain from head to toe, so I took the day off from work, went by my mom, ate, took meds and slept.  Now we're both on the mend :) Thank You Lord :)

A big thanks to my very supportive family who assisted me through this rough patch.  The love of family can never be overemphasised.  I love you all *big hug and kisses* xoxo

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