Sunday, 6 May 2012

Wasted Sleep

How many parents out there has a young baby that sleeps through the night/wakes just once?  You are sooooo LUCKY!  At 7 mths and 3 wks my lil' man still wakes several times during the night.  So imagine my immense surprise last week Sunday when he woke only once.

One might think (myself included) that I would have grabbed this opportunity for dear life.  Alas, such as not the case *sigh*.  The first part of the night went well enough, he went to sleep by 8pm and I settled to read a book - The Hunger Games. By 10pm I decided to get some rest since I expected him to be getting up shortly (he didn't wake until 1am).  When I got up to feed him I was overcome with joy that he had slept so long.  I fed him and placed him back in his crib.

Now, for all the sleep deprived moms out there - we know the drill go right back to bed before he wakes again.  I actually fell asleep but promptly woke with half an hr. As I jumped out of my sleep I realised he was still asleep.  Try as I may, I could not get back to bed.  Suffice to say, I spent the next 4hrs (FOOOUUURRRR hrs people!!!) getting up and checking his crib.  Yes I wanted him to sleep and now that my poor baby obliged, what do I do? Spend all night obsessing if he's ok and checking him by the light of my phone. ( I laugh at myself).  I almost killed the phone battery (didn't want bright/night light to wake him) to check if he was breathing *shaking my head*

Math Prob

What does baby sleeping all night + a paranoid mom give you?


Baby asleep all night (1st time) + paranoid 1st time mom = Wasted Sleep and mom still pop down.

Be careful what you pray for, and be sure to be ready when you get it :) So here I am praying again for that one fleeting night to repeat itself and added to my prayer this time "Lord, please allow me to enjoy his sleeping by sleeping myself."

Until my next post, sleep well and sweet dreams :)


  1. Get a grip Trace, when he is awake you will certainly hear. Got to sleep girl or you will start looking pop-dung, lol. Anyway you are just being a true mom and we all make the same mistake especially with the first one

    1. He hasn't slept like that again, but I have gotten better at sleeping when he does :D and look forward to his next all-nighter :)

  2. At least you don't look pop down. But there will come a time when he'll sleep like that every night and you will be used to it and start sleeping.

    1. Thx hon and I look forward to it.