Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Big Decision

I have decided to let lil' man overnight at my parents.  This decision have come from me wanting him to have a great relationship with my parents (family is very important) and is also phase 2 of the teething process - hopefully he will warm to the idea of not having my boobs around (killing 2 birds with 1 stone).  My son is the apple of his grand parents eye and they absolutely dote on him, especially my mom.  In talking to other parents I have come to think it is a good idea for him to spend time with others so I may be rejuvenated.  The only person I trust enough for this are my parents. 

Initially, I had decided on a weekend.  I must admit that as soon as I made the decision I started having second thoughts about an entire weekend away from my precious.  Anyway, my mom saved me by suggesting that since it's the first time I try it for one night at first.  I think she's afraid that faced with the prospect of the entire weekend without my baby will have me running back for him *grin* she's probably right (she did the same to my grandma when I was to spend a night as a baby). 

Anyway, I am determined to try and see what happens.  I hope to get some rest (this coming from a mom who can't sleep because her baby is sleeping all night) or at least be more open to him spending time with his grandparents on more of a regular basis.  I will be working all day Saturday so maybe I will be too tired to worry ( I see all the sceptical faces out there :=) mine included).  However, on the off chance I start suffering from withdrawal or he gets too fussy, I will only be a 15 minute drive away (prob 5 in all honesty) with a full tank of gas, ready to join him.

Rest assured I will keep you posted of the outcome (biting nails as we speak - just kidding).

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