Monday, 23 April 2012


:'( :'( :'( a distressed mom I am :'( you may be thinking what could have me in such a quandry? Alas, my worst fear (so far) have been realised.  My lil' pumkin fell off the bed :'(  This happened Saturday and I was waaaay too distressed to blog about it then.  My tummy still aches to think about it now.

Ok, so the more experienced mothers out there may say "it comes with the territory" but OMG! I cannot think anything more frightening than hearing that thud, then the wailing and finally seeing my baby the tile on his back crying as never before :'( tears come to my eyes. (Gimme a sec....I had to give him a quick peck even though he's sleeping). 

Usually I place him in his crib because he can be very frisky, but if i'm making a quick spin out the room (a very short distance) I can give him something to keep his attention and barricade him with pillows.  It didn't work this time *sad face*.  He moved the pillows and rolled from the corner right off the bed in the few seconds it took me to go in the bathroom to get something.

After all my checks, he seems to be fine.  Still trying to stand, dancing up a storm and jabbering away.  I do wish I could bubble-wrap him or place sponge on the ground in case he falls *sigh*.  Sadly I'm aware this is not possible nor practical and he will have more falls in the future.  However, for now it's off to the protective custody of his jail, I mean his crib *grin*.

Til' we blog again, his warden/mommy signing off for the night.

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