Sunday, 1 April 2012


Hi :)

I have been meaning to start this blog from I found out I was pregnant (my pookiebear is now 6 months old). 

Being a first-time mom I am writing this blog as a means of chronicling this phase of my life. I am so excited about all that awaits us and do not want to forget anything along the way. Better yet, I want something to remind me of the good (sleep-deprived & poop-filled) times during the teen years. My lil' boy brings lots of firsts, he is the first grandchild for both my parents and the first to make my bro and sis an uncle and aunt :) he's pretty special. 

I went through my pregnancy as smooth as could be, no morning sickness (yay me!) gained only 35lbs and just had a wonderful time.  Childbirth (uuugh, not so much) and motherhood (the verdicts still out).  Anyway, here I am several months later with a cutie pie that is going thru' teething and learning to creep *sigh* and all seems well as he's still in one piece and thriving well *whew*.

I am so grateful to have much support from family and friends who have been thru' it before. I've also had 4 very close friends who gave birth before me last yr, which is priceless as they all go thru' most stages before me and can re-collect them *grin* (no dis-respect mom).

Follow me as I keep you posted ;)


  1. Finally (big grin), you make such a great mom and this is a really cool start to documenting it for when I'm ready, wink wink!! Loving the first post... so keep it coming :) yay!!