Monday, 2 April 2012

Teething Pain :'(

Ok, I think we all know that once you're a mom sleep deprivation comes with the territory. However, who knew it could reach this extent.

My 6-mth old is in the throes of teething and can I tell you, oh so! not pretty!  My usually calm, sweet and smiling bundle of joy has manifested into a crying, mostly whimpering mess *sigh*.  Now bear in mind that this lil' one has never gotten the hang of sleeping thru' the night even before this.  So picture him waking now every half an hr and even when sleeping he's still whimpering (not cool) my poor baby and me (Pop-down til mi buck).

Nothing seems to please this lil' one, he doesn't like the teething ring and as soon as the pacifier gets to room temperature (it's also kept cool) across the room it goes (he's got quite an arm, wonder if he's gonna play cricket).  The wet rag only makes a mess of things and he absolutely hates the taste of the teething gel (he looked at me as if I were tryna poison him).

As a first-time mom, you know his paed is on speed dial, so as I reached work this morning (waay too tired to even remember how I got there) I called her.  Of course she suggested the methods I have already tried *they don't woooork :'( :'(  *

So as I yawn, I will go to bed hoping that some good Samaritan will know of something that actually works and asking for divine intervention in way of actual sleep *YAWN*
PS:  For all the trouble these little teeth are causing, I will be nagging him none stop to keep them clean ;)

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