Wednesday, 4 April 2012

My Inner Nerd

Okay, normally I consider myself a have it all together girl, you might say a cool chick with all kinds of swag (at least that's what I tell myself).  However, I have found since having my son I have become not so cool.  Case in point - LJ's first toothbrush *grin*.

Yesterday I went to the pharmacy for a mundane purchase - saline drops (great for babies stuffy nose).  While the pharmacist was prepping item, I happened to glance around and saw baby stuff (step 1 - swag walking to the window).  Of course my excitement grabbed by co-workers attention and we began cooing over the cute items.  Then I saw it! a cute toothbrush-like item (made specifically for babies 6-8mths with 2 or more milk teeth) HELLOOOO!!!! my baby! (step 2 - swag climbing unto window) I am behaving like a Gladys in di people dem place *shame-faced*  So I made my purchase (saline drops and toothbrush) and we left, only to meet another co-worker on the way and gladly showed off my purchase *sigh* (seriously! step 3 swag - hanging on windowsill by nails).

Finally, back from lunch and in the office, I proceeded to show interested co-workers my purchase, aaaaaand ping some family and friends the picture of said toothbrush (Geezam-peez! it official - mi swag jump out di window and running full speed dung di road!).

So guess what? I may not be as cool as I think, but you know....I don't care because I am one proud and happy mamma who is happy to be all kinds of nerdy over my baby.  Until my next post, walk good :D

LJ's now infamous 1st Toothbrush


  1. Yes sis ur all so fabulous swag is going down the drain but LJ has it all now. It's cute. I knew u lost it when u pinged me the pic of the toothbrush though.

  2. Love the blog but I think we need to talk bout u giving my nephew a PINK toothbrush


    1. Lol :D at this stage they're colour blind (I think). Promise to get a less feminine colour for the future :=))