Sunday, 8 April 2012

1st Visit to the Zoo

Aaaaaah :) yesterday was a our first visit to the zoo.  Suffice to say lil' man was underwhelmed. I must say that for anyone considering taking a young baby on such an outing, it is not recommended to do too many activities before.  LJ had a photo-session and a mini play date before the zoo and by he got there, was all tuckered out. 

To be truthful I really didn't expect much of a reaction from LJ (he's only 6mths for crying out loud).  Except for the ostriches (I think the huge flapping wings caught his attention) I can't say my honey bun cared one bit.  Also, just like his mom he's not a fan of the sun and started to have a melt-down, so I ended up either lifting him and my mom pushing an empty stroller or vice versa.  The major event of the visit was me running down the stroller (4got to apply the brakes) in my cute dress and slippers (a funniest home video moment)*still grinning* it was hiiillllarious. 

While the trip was enjoyed by the adults much more than my honey bun, I do not regret it as I felt it necessary to introduce him to animals early so he may not be afraid of them in the future.  Can I tell you, while there I saw a mom dragging her son (about 2 or 3 yrs of age) kicking and screaming to look at the animals :( the child was petrified.  I cannot be sure of LJ's future reaction but I have pics to show him of his first visit - tear free with some smiles.

Enjoy the rest of the Easter holidays as I head for bed (mommy is still tuckered out from the sun and walking)

PS:  I won't be taking him back until he can walk ;) and recognise some animals :D

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