Thursday, 19 April 2012


Driving can be many things including exciting, dangerous or fun, but with a newborn/young baby it is downright nerve-wracking!  For those who know me it is no secret that I am prone to a bit of road-rage (especially when faced with drivers I find incompetent) and I also have a wee bit of 'heavy feet'. 

Early in my pregnancy I got rear-ended by driver that was gazing, it was a very scary experience.  Now that lil' man is here I am not only scared about idiots on the road but of a multitude of things.  Am I going too fast, is that driver behind me too close, is he ok on his car seat (rear-facing)etc. So, of course I got a mirror so I can see him thru' my rear-view mirror and have 'Baby on Board' signs both back and front and I watch my speed.  Yet I still worry.  Even with him being 7-months I haven't travelled far distances with him alone (daddy, grandma or auntie usually in tow).

Another thought now with baby on board is my choice of music.  I never really gave conscious thought as to what I was listening and singing along to until now.  I ponder, is the music too loud for him, is the language pg-rated and what of the content?  So many other non-driving things to think about.  Finally, I try not to cuss out other drivers and keep my temper in check.

In conclusion, while driving with such precious cargo on board in hell on the nerves, I have become a better driver and better person for him :) so, until my next post, drive good!

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  1. A little heavy foot....riiiiigggght...
    Don't worry too much though everything will be ok...