Thursday, 19 July 2012

Celebraaa ......Aaaargh, Stress!

Hi ya :)

Ohhhh my God! I am less than 2 months away from the biggest milestone of being a parent so far.  Celebrating the First Birthday *grin*.  We're almost there and I am soooooo excited. I feel like a child again (can't stop grinning). 

As the big day draws near, I am in a quandary.  I was a bit indecisive if I should plan anything for the big day.  I was leaning towards nothing (kinda wanted to, but didn't have the energy).  In came his dad and my mom (her first and only grand so far).  Their excitement rubbed off on me and now I am supposedly in the midst of planning a birthday party.  My idea was a very small gathering for family only, however, I do have close friends who I would like to share the moment and several have small children of their own.  And the list grows bigger *sigh*.

Where are all the callers for party, party, party? On the sidelines cheering me on *hhhmmmmn*.  With work and my life as a mom - the juggling act is on full blast.  At work I can't find the time to do anything else and at home I am consumed with lil' man (becoming quite a handful).  What have I done so far?  Called cake place to get prices, found a venue ...... eeeeem, yeah, that's about it (remember, less than 2 months).

I found that even before it's started I have become flustered.  In comes my Bestie tonight with some suggestions (love her *grin*) too bad she is so far away (I'd set her to work like no body's business).  But, alas! I have found a starting point.  I am definitely gonna have to make a final list of invitees and make some calls of things to get and such *sigh*.  I hope to have all this pinned down by the time I go on vacation, so I can use that time to pick up the items (I smell a plan afoot *yay*).

I would very much like AAAAALLLL suggestions and input :) so feel free to comment away.  Gonna catch forty winks and hope to dream of the perfect day with everything in place :)

Oh dear,lil' man is stirring.....ssssshhh. G'nite all.

PS:  Remember to send ure suggestions and ideas :) all are welcome xoxo

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