Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Enjoying this journey

Wow, my former little bundle is now a big bundle.  One I can scarcely manage to lift or keep up with :)he is oh so active and into every little mischief.  I just absolutely love it.

When I last left you he was toying with the idea of saying bye bye and was crawling/furniture cruising :) Two days after my last post I told him bye and he jabbered something and moved his hands and I almost never left for work :=)) in all my excitement.  Now he actually waves and says an audible version of bye bye.  He's still cruising, he lets go for a short while but grabs back on quickly. He has also taken up riding me like a horse when I get home in the evenings, since this new hobby he has bucked me and burst my lips twice.  To say he's active could be the understatement of the Century.

I have to say that I have become more maternal than I have ever imagined.  While always wanting to be a mom, several years of living on my own made me spoilt and a bit selfish.  There is no room for selfishness in motherhood (at least, not for me).  I have found myself getting up before day (I used to rinse the alarm clock til the very last second), just to be able to do things with him in the mornings before I leave for work.  It just amazes me to watch his growth and transformation.  I love his expressions, the way he poses for pics when he sees the phone/camera,  the way he's so happy to see me first thing in the mornings and when I get home in the evenings, his little kisses and most of all I just love him for being his own little man :)

So far I have found this journey to be a bustle, with some unexpected turns but it is by far the most meaningful time of my life.  I have been enjoying the newness of it all and embracing the familiarity and just plain going along for the ride.  My son has forced me to appreciate life so much more and for that I am immensely grateful.  It is all so fleeting (can hardly believe he will be 10 months on the weekend). 

Life is short, hug, kiss and tell someone you love them today.

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