Monday, 14 January 2013

Feeling like a child again

Now that I am into my second year as a mom, I have been thinking about how my son makes me feel(yet again).  I am not sure about you out there but I feel like a child again *grin*.  I suddenly find myself giving thought to things I haven't in ages.  After becoming a "grown-up" I became the focus of my existence - what I wanted to do as fun, where I wanted to go with friends, what I wanted to wear and overall it was me, me, me.  I never gave thought to things I used to do as a child, after all I was a grown-up. 
Fast-forward - same grown-up, however, now a mom :).  All those me's have been replaced by him/my son/my baby etc.  I find myself not so interested in the latest hang-out spots - unless they are child-friendly, not interested in the latest clubs and generally not so interested in focusing on myself.  I now get so excited planning an outing to the zoo with my fellow mom friends (like, seriously.... the zoo hasn't been on MY radar in forever)and is genuinely bouncing off the walls thinking off all the things we can do.  I am planning play dates and baking cookies (this one not yet a reality, only in my mind).  I am already planning what I want to do for Christmas this year ( I know, I know, I AM a mess *ROFL*)the tree, the lights, the baking (Again! in my mind).  I can't seem to stop myself, nor do I want to.  This poor child has no idea the jam packed schedule of activities that are in store for him.
Parenthood can be so stressful, time-consuming, filled with anxiety and tiresome.  However, it also gives me a sense of youth, excitement, exuberance, joy and overall happiness.  These are the things that make me excited to see what each day holds.  See what new things my lil' one discovers and the way my heart fills will joy and expectancy at his discoveries.  These are the things that keeps me youthful, the things that let me experience childhood a second time around and the things that I live for.
Until we meet again, let us go and embrace our youth and live vicarously through our children. xoxo

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