Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Automatically Liking Someone Else's Child

Is it just me or do people expect you to automatically love their kids because you are a mother?  I get the distinct impression that they do.  Hhhmn.  Maybe something is wrong with me but I don't agree.  Let me clarify.
I love children.  Even before I became a mother,  I felt like I had the mom gene.  I love children and they were naturally drawn to me.  At one point in time I even considered teaching children.  Now, being a mom myself I must admit that I have additional emotional feelings/connections for children.  However, I do not like rude children.  I do not mean the run-of-the-mill mischievous or even, naughty child.  I am talking about them bad-ass kids you just feel like smacking upside the head (yeah, I said it ... don't get all judgemental like you've never thought of it), you know the type I'm talking about.  They are totally out of control and think the world owes them a favour, or they are too cute to be polite and that manners isn't cool and so it's not for them.  That description does not go for teenagers (we all know they are a special kind ... lol).  I am talking plain ole BRATS!
Now the parents of these kids like to act like their kids are everyone else's problem but their own. They also feel like because they are kids you must LOVE them.  Whatever!  I've got news for those parents "they are not my problem and I don't have to like them".  As a matter of fact I feel parents of out of control children need to take control and stop holding the world hostage for your kids.  I am very aware that some children suffer from behavioural and other issues (not talking about those)and my heart goes out to those parents.  But when you have a rude child because they are just spoilt and in disciplined I do not feel obligated to them or their parents.
You may say I have these feelings because my child is still too young and so I do not understand.  I will agree that disciplining a 19mth old is vastly different from that of a 5, 8 or 10 year old. However, I do think that instilling discipline begins early.  At 19mths he is very wilful - he will bite (or try to), slap and pinch to get his way.  These are behaviours I do not tolerate and let him know that they are not acceptable (even though he is a cutie).  You can rest assured that any behaviour I will not tolerate from my child, I surely will not tolerate from another child.  No child is too cute or young to learn discipline and manners.  Way too often parents with this mindset find themselves facing much bigger problems in the future.
I am certain that regardless of future occurrence I will always love my son unconditionally.  He may not be perfect to others and he might have unacceptable behaviour to others (even myself), but he is mine to love and cherish and I will.  I will love him enough for those persons who for whatever reason may not like/love him.  I will also do all I can to guide him in the right direction.  I also urge other parents to try this approach.  Do not rely on others to love you children for you and do not take for granted that others will love or tolerate your children (even if they are also parents).
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PS: Maybe if we all do our jobs as parents, giving enough love and hugs while instilling discipline, everyone will eventually be able to love and tolerate each other.  Worst case - we may all love ourselves.



  1. Tell them Tracey. No matter how cute a child is they should be taught right and wrong. Rude kids, grow to become delinquent teen and delinquent teens becomes a menace to the society as an adult.

    1. That's what I say too. It would be interesting to hear other POV's :)

  2. I totally agree with you Tracey , we need to bend the tree from its young . We as parents need to own up to our responsibility and stop thinking that when our child is rude it is oh so cute....

    1. I know right. Had to write about it because it seems to be a growing epidemic. Keep the comments coming ;)